This tool allows you to configure the Apache PHP Handler, the default PHP version and suEXEC support. The default PHP version determines which version of PHP is used for files with a '.php' extensions when served by Apache. Enabling suEXEC provides support for Apache to run CGI programs as the user ID of the account owner. suEXEC is not PHPSuExec. Ruid2 provides functionality similar to suExec, but is POSIX-based. Please refer to the documentation for a detailed explanation of how each handler functions.

Current Configuration

Option Configured Value
Default PHP Version (.php files) 5
PHP 5 Handler suphp
Apache suEXEC on
Apache Ruid2 off

Alter Configuration

Option Value
Default PHP Version (.php files)
PHP 5 Handler
Apache suEXEC

Do a dryrun (do not actually apply the new settings, just view the php config that would be generated).