Development License

This server currently uses a development license. If you are using this server in a production environment, please notify immediately.

Contact Manager

Type Receives Destination
Post to a URL
Short Message Service (SMS)
Alert Type Importance Alert List
Account Creation
Account Removal
Account Suspensions
Account UnSuspensions
Account Upgrades/Downgrades
Altered RPMs Check
AppConfig Registration Notifications
Backup Delayed
Backup Failed To Finish
Backup Failure
Backup Successful
Backup Transport Error
Bandwidth Data Processing Timeout
Bandwidth File Conversion Disk Space Failure
Bandwidth Limits This option will trigger no actions when the Tweak Setting “Send bandwidth limit notification emails” has been disabled. Disabled
Branding Migration
ClamAV Upgrade Changes
CloudLinux License Detected
Conversion of cpupdate.conf settings to local.versions
Conversion of cpupdate.conf Settings to local.versions (legacy notification)
Convert Addon Domain to Account Notifications
Corrupt Database Tables
cPanel Account Password
cPanel Backup
cPanel Backup (legacy notification)
cPanel Backup Destination Disabled
cPanel Backup Destination Disabled (legacy notification)
cPanel Configuration Checks
cPanel Update Failures
cPHulk Configuration Issues
cPHulkd Brute Force
cPHulkd Login Notifications This option will trigger no actions when cPHulkd is disabled. Disabled
cPHulkd Notifications
Database Deprecation Notifications
dbindex Cache File Out of Date
Digest Authentication Disabled Due to Account Rename
Disk Integrity Check
Disk Usage Warnings
DNS Cluster Error
DNS Resolver Performance Issues
EasyApache Configuration
Email Client Configuration
Exim Update Failures
Filesystem Quotas Ready
Forced Disable of Digest Auth
Generic Notifications
Greylist System Changes
Horde Maintenance Notifications
Horde Table Conversion Failure
Hostname Change Notifications
Hostname conflicts with a cPanel user account
Hung Service Checks
Installation of purchased SSL certificates
Instant Message Failure
Invalid Domains
Invalid Hostname For Main IP Address
IP Address DNS Check
Kernel Crash Check
Lost Contact With DNS Cluster
Mail Server Out of Memory
MyDNS Zone Import Failure
MyDNS Zone Import In Progress
MyDNS Zone Import Successful
Notices concerning goods and services purchased via the cPanel Market
Notification of New Addon Domains
Notifications of Outdated Software
NSD DNS Zones Corrupted
Package Extension Name Conflicts
POP before SMTP enabled
queueprocd Critical Errors
Reboot To Enable Filesystem Quotas Reminder
Recently Uploaded CGI Script Mail
Remote MySQL Connection Failure
Remote MySQL Server Notifications
Root Compromise Checks
Scheduled Backup Will Start Soon
Script Terminated Due to Deprecated Call
Security Advisor State Change
Service failures (ChkServd)
SSL Certificate Expiration
SSL Certificate Expires Soon
Stalled Process Notifications
Stalled Statistics and Bandwidth Process Notifications
Stats and Bandwidth Processing Errors
Stuck Script
System Log Approaches 2 GB
System Out of Memory
System Update Failures
Uncategorized Notifications
Unmonitored Services
Update Blocker - Service Deprecation Notice
Update Failure Due to Immutable Files
Update Failures
Update Version Blocker
Upgrade Required - Service Is Outdated
User Disabled Two-Factor Authentication
User Disk Usage Warning
User Enabled Two-Factor Authentication
User Theme Update
The Contact Manager allows you to specify which types of alerts you want to receive. It also allows you to specify how the system delivers them. We recommend that you assign a priority to each contact method.
For more information on each of these notifications, go to
To adjust the destination for each contact method, go to Basic cPanel & WHM Setup.
Type Receives Destination
Alert Type Importance Alert List
{{notification.display_name}} None Disabled