Development License

This server currently uses a development license. If you are using this server in a production environment, please notify immediately.

MultiPHP Manager

cPanel provides the most recent stable versions of PHP. If you require legacy versions of PHP, such as PHP 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3, CloudLinux provides hardened and secured PHP versions that are patched against all known vulnerabilities. To learn more about CloudLinux Advanced PHP Features, please read Hardened PHP versions on CloudLinux. Upgrade to CloudLinux

Contact your provider for more information on upgrading to CloudLinux.

System PHP Version

Set the system default PHP version.

Any domain that is set to the inherit value indicates that it does not have its own PHP version explicitly set. Read more about inherit.

Set PHP Version per Domain

Select the domains that you wish to change from the table, then apply a PHP version from the list.
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Domain Account PHP Version PHP-FPM
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