Development License

This server currently uses a development license. If you are using this server in a production environment, please notify immediately.

Service Status

Service Information

Service Version Status
apache_php_fpm up
cpanel_php_fpm up
cpanellogd up
cpdavd up
cpsrvd up
crond up
dnsadmin up
exim exim-4.88-1.cp1162.x86_64 up
ftpd up
httpd 2.4.25 (cPanel) up
imap up
ipaliases up
lmtp up
mailman up
mysql 5.6.35 up
named 9.9.4-RedHat-9.9.4-38.el7_3.1(ExtendedSupportVersion) up
nscd up
p0f up
pop up
queueprocd up
rsyslogd up
spamd 3.4.1 up
sshd up

System Information

System Item Details Status
Server Load 0.00293 (2 CPUs)
Memory Used 14.1% (547,312 of 3,882,056)
Swap Used 0% (0 of 0)

Disk Information

Device Mount Point Usage
/ / 17% (9,764,200 of 61,806,508)