This feature allows you to define how your server handles updates and upgrades. You can specify your preferences for cPanel & WHM, your operating system’s RPMs, and Apache SpamAssassin™ rules.

For more information, read our documentation on cPanel & WHM Versions and the Release Process.

A note about Development Releases: Odd-numbered builds are development builds. Do not install them in production environments. Typically, we release these builds to the EDGE tier. These builds receive no real-world testing and are subject to change. Documentation may not exist for the features in a development build. We will address security concerns found in development releases in the next production build, not a Targeted Security Release.
cPanel & WHM Updates
Installed Version: 56.0.21
Current Tier: release
Release Tier
Select the EDGE, CURRENT, RELEASE, or STABLE tiers to upgrade the server to the version of cPanel & WHM currently at that tier. Select the LTS tier to keep the server at the specified version until you change it.
You cannot select tiers that are older than the installed version.
Tier Currently Description
Use the Long Term Support release of the selected version
The last tier to receive changes
General Availability - Recommended
Release Candidate
Perpetual Development - Application development and testing only.
Daily Updates

Staging Directory
The system requires a staging directory to temporarily store updates before applying them. You must select a directory with enough disk space for your installation. See for more information.

Enter a directory name or choose a partition from the table below.

The default staging directory is /usr/local/cpanel. In any other location, the system will stage the updates in the “.cpanel__server_previewwhm_com__upcp_staging” subdirectory.
Selection Staging Directory Mount Point Size Used Available Percent Used Device
/usr/local/cpanel / 71.9 GB 6.63 GB 61.6 GB 10% rootfs
Operating System Package Updates

Apache SpamAssassin™ Rules Updates